Advanced DNA Sequencing (ADS)

DNA Sequencing Core is dedicated to develop, improve and adapt strategies based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to answer critical questions in genomics research. Data from this high-throughput sequencing platform provides an unprecedented opportunity to understand how the genome encodes the function of cells, tissues and organisms. Furthermore, the application of this type of technologies in genomic medicine will help to implement precision medicine in Chile.

High Performance Computing Core (HPC)

HPC comprises a diverse mix of computing and data resources. Two Linux clusters constitute the principal computing capacity at the center. Housed in the Universidad Mayor Data ¡Center, the HPC Core allows center members to maximize their individual research resources by contributing to HPC’s condominium-style compute environment. HPC staff members monitor and maintain the equipment on a round-the-clock basis, enabling researchers to focus on their primary research. The cyber-infrastructure installed at Centro de Genómica y Bioinformática at Universidad Mayor, as part of the core capacities, include a wide range of scientific algorithms and public databases that can be only managed under a high performance computing system.





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