The Microbial Genomics Group contributes expertise and leadership in national and international collaborative projects. It also develops research in a wide array of microbiological models taking advantage of innovative approaches in functional and evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular microbiology. The group works with public and private national and international research agencies to explore key questions in microbiological systems using the refined analytical tools now available including next-generation sequencing and cutting-edge biocomputing technologies.

Our group focuses on the study of the interactions between microorganisms and their environment, together with understanding how those complex networks of interactions have contributed to their adaptation and evolution to favor their survival. The main areas of research and development are related to the study of host-pathogen interactions, structural and evolutionary genomics, and microbial and fungal diversity.

Principal Investigators

Biocomputing and Applied Genomics Laboratory

PhD. Biotecnology, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile.


Immunogenomics Laboratory

PhD in Microbiology, Universidad de Santiago, Chile.


Microbiome Genomics and Evolution Laboratory

PhD in Biotechnology, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile.



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