Jorge Valdés, PhD.

Associate Professor and Director of the Centro de Genómica y Bioinformática

Biocomputing and Applied Genomics Laboratory

PhD. Biotecnology, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Systems Biotechnology
  • Applied Genetics
  • Comparative, Functional and Evolutionary Genomics
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Bio-Computing and Applied Genomics Laboratory

The research focus of the Bio-Computing and Applied Genomics Laboratory is the study of genome evolution and its phenotypic consequences in organisms of biotechnological interest using OMICS strategies with strong emphasis on bioinformatics and experimental approaches. This Laboratory aims to provide expertise and technological tools for the creation of genomics and bioinformatics solutions which will generate innovative technologies for the processing and analysis of massive DNA sequencing projects and other types of OMICS data for their utilization in genetic variation studies at different complexity levels.

The Bio-Computing and Applied Genomics Laboratory is continuously developing research projects in the areas of microbial and eukaryotic genomics, biomarker discovery, applied statistical genetics, proteomic and metabolic profiling in different areas of biotechnological relevance including aquaculture, agriculture, bio-mining and the wine industry. Current research capacities have also been exploited to establish new relationships with environmental and health institutions, national and international universities.



Corporate building, first underground - Campus Huechuraba - Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba
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