David S. Holmes, PhD.

Investigador Principal, Profesor Titular

Bioinformatics and Genome Biology

Doctor en Bioquímica, California Institute of Technology, USA.


Líneas de Investigación


Bioinformatics and Genome Biology

We are studying the evolution of microorganisms (extremophiles) that live in extraordinary environments, such as high temperature, acid pH and high salt. Extremophiles exhibit many interesting characteristics that are not only of fundamental interest but also make them useful in many biotechnological applications. For example, understanding their ability to use hydrogen, iron and sulfur as energy sources helps generate models of the emergence of life on earth and provides insight into the potential for life on exoplanets and moons (Astrobiology). Examination of their unusual physiological capacities is also advancing our understanding of how some extremophiles can operate as a consortium to liberate copper in industrial biomining (bioleaching) operations.



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