Inti Pedroso, PhD.

Investigador Principal, Profesor Asistente

Statistical Genomics Laboratory

Doctor en Genética Estadística, Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, UK.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Entender la relación entre la información del genoma y la expresión fenotípica.
  • Caracterización, valorización y utilización de recursos genéticos.
  • Analítica de datos en Big Data y Machine Learning

Statistical Genomics Laboratory

Our aim is to better understand the link between genomes' contents and organismal and community phenotypes to advance scientific understanding and drive technological innovation. We love interdisciplinary collaborations and connecting our science with real world applications.

We work at micro and macro-evolutionary scales by exploiting within species genetic variation and genomic profiles through association studies as well as between species information with comparative genomics. We thrive on data and believe that methods matter so we develop modern analytical and data science tools that can work with big, noisy and uncertain data to translate genomes' information into actionable knowledge models, for instance by using networks/graphs representations and probabilistic statistical models. We have applied these strategies to human genomes to understand the basis of disease and traits, fungal genomes to understand pathogenicity and resistance agrochemical treatments, bacterial to elucidate mechanisms underlying evolution of metabolic and pathogenicity traits, plant genomes to understand the basis of agronomical relevant traits and to microbial communities to relate their composition to human diseases and life-styles.



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