Hugo Madrid, PhD.

Investigador Principal, Profesor Asistente

Fungal Phylogenetics and Systematics

Doctor Programa de Enología y Biotecnología, Universidad Rovira i Virgili, España.

Líneas de Investigación

  • Filogenia y biodiversidad fúngica
  • Micología médica.

Fungal Phylogenetics and Systematics

The total diversity of fungal species on Earth has been estimated in over two million species. Less than 10% of them have been described, and every year novel clinically relevant, plant pathogenic and saprobic fungi are being discovered. Our laboratory focuses on the molecular and phenotypic characterization of fungi from diverse sources, mainly soil, plant material and clinical samples. Several novel species have been found in Chile and we aim to continue contributing to the knowledge of fungal biodiversity in our country. We are also actively participating in international collaborative studies with a vast network of colleagues from all over the World.



Corporate building, first underground - Campus Huechuraba - Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba
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