Annette Trombert, PhD.

Investigador Principal, Profesor Asistente

Microbial Genomics Laboratory

Doctor en Biociencias Moleculares, Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile.

Líneas de Investigación


Microbial Genomics Laboratory

The Microbial Genomics Laboratory focuses on the genomics and genetics of beneficial bacteria (i.e. Lactobacillus spp) from human and animal sources. Using next-generation sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analyses, our group is interested in obtaining key information about potential genes and molecular mechanisms from bacterial genomes. Our group is dedicated to the discovery and application of new substances and strategies against human and animal pathogens with special emphasis in multiresistant pathogens as Salmonella spp, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, among others. We are focused in the study of antimicrobial strategies as biofilm generation, antimicrobial substances and metabolites, bacterial adhesion and host-microbe interactions.



Corporate building, first underground - Campus Huechuraba - Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba
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