Alex W. Slater, PhD.

Investigador Principal, Profesor Asociado

Structural Bioinformatics and Science Education Laboratory

Doctor en Ciencias Biológicas con mención en Genética Molecular, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Líneas de Investigación


Structural Bioinformatics and Science Education Laboratory

As part of our research in structural bioinformatics, we are focused in the study of the sequence-structure-function relationship in proteins. Using structural similarity networks as a framework, we are interested in the discovery conservation and divergence patterns at both sequence and structural level that explain function evolution in protein structural space. We also are involved in developing new structural and functional algorithms to address the investigations described above. We are also interested in Science Education Research, specifically in developing new strategies for science education based on the use of digital resources and active methodologies in the classroom. Our research in education has been conducted in several kinds of educational institutions such as secondary schools, technical-vocational schools and universities.



Corporate building, first underground - Campus Huechuraba - Camino La Pirámide 5750, Huechuraba
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